Nokia C1/C2

There have been many cell phones in the market that have dual SIM feature. This double SIM usage has been a much required feature for cell phone users almost since cell phones became common.

Unfortunately legitimate companies didn’t start making dual SIM phones till very late. Samsung was the first one to make a dual SIM phone. Before Samsung, there were many underground Chinese companies that developed dual SIM phones. Most of them work marvelously well keeping both SIMs active at the same time.

Now it’s Nokia’s turn to release a dual SIM phone. The Nokia C1 and C2 are reported to have the dual SIM feature. Apart from running two SIMs, these phones are going to boast specs that are more than impressive in a price range that’s definitely cheap.

The Nokia C2 has dual SIM support, but with a specialty that no other phone in the world has; the C2 is going to keep both SIMs active and one SIM is going to be easily accessible and hot-swappable. The C2 has a VGA camera, memory card slot that supports up to 32GB memory, 3.5mm audio jack, FM radio with broadcast recording, GPRS connectivity and MP3 player. It would have 16 days standby time and 4 hours talk time. With all these features, the C2 would cost $55 only.

The C1 is also going to have dual SIM support but only one SIM would be active at a time. It would have a flash light, FM radio and 3.5mm audio jack. The C1 would cost $37 and would give 48 days standby time.