Justin Bieber Arrested

Are you looking for Justin Bieber? Is Justin Bieber arrested? Everyone is looking for Justin Bieber because rumors are floating around that Justin Bieber has been arrested. His fans are worried and want to know the reality. According to rumor Justin Bieber was arrested by cops with his friend outside the Ringo’s Pub. Ringo’s Pub is a place a few miles north of Dallas. Cops had tried to stop him to entering the area because of a prevailing curfew but he suddenly lost his temper and shouted on them. So they arrested him and brought him home. Rumors also say that he has been doing such mistakes from a long time and the recent incident will get him grounded for a very long time.

Other reports claim that it’s a fake story made by many websites to increase page viewing and the answer of the question Is Justin Bieber arrested, is simply no. so no need to worry about.

During an interview Justin Bieber said, “I usually have to be home by 10pm and my Mom takes my computer away at 10.30pm every night.”

The 16 years old Canadian pop/R&B singer Justin Bieber became famous with the efforts of his mother who taped his songs and uploaded on YouTube. His videos grabbed the attention of Scooter Braun. He arranged a meeting with Usher in Atlanta, Georgia and opened the door of success for him. Raymond Braun Media Group (RBMG) singed him. After that Bieber moved to Atlanta with his mother.