Jujitsu is a form of martial arts that originated in feudal Japan in the Samurai era. The purpose of this fighting style is to yield an opponent without using impacting movements like punching or kicking. This method was developed mainly to fight an opponent who was wearing armor, because punches and kicks are useless against the hard outer armor. Thus the opponent was yielded by using throwing, trapping, joint locking and holding techniques. Even today this form of fighting has its advantages against opponents who use mainly striking movements, because a striking fighter is free as long as he is moving fast, but if one of his punches or kicks get in the hold of a jujitsu fighter, he is at his mercy.

Jujitsu is a combination of thousands of locking and throwing movements that work a lot like a chess game where both opponents have to plan each and every move using a lot of strategy to get the right edge, because once one opponent has the other in a neck or arm lock the other is at his mercy and it’s the dominating opponent’s decision to either let the other free or break his arm, leg or choke him altogether.

There are several later forms of Jujitsu, the most popular one of which is Brazilian Jujitsu. In this form of Jujitsu, many new moves have been added and the fighting form has thus gone through somewhat of an evolution. This fighting form is presently known as the best form of unarmed combat in the world.