John Wooden

It was hard to hear bout the serious condition of the John Wooden, former UCLA basketball coach. He is 99 years old and he has been ill since a month. His nickname is “The Wizard of Westwood”. Now he is battling hard for his life but some sources are saying that it can be very difficult for him to survive due to his serious condition. According to some sources, he was taken to the hospital for a short time about a month ago. Now he is present in the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles where he is getting his treatment. His grave condition has also been confirmed by the school sources. His health is declining day by day and has become a serious issue in the current few weeks. The information for his treatment place has been provided by a source but that source has been prohibited to give any statement publicly about the treatment of the coach. No comment about his situation has been given by the officials of a UCLA athletic department.

He began his coaching career in 1948 at UCLA. During his career of coaching, he helped his teams for winning 620 matches. Following the season of 1974-75, he announced his retirement from the coaching.
Coaches and students all over the country got help with his coaching style and his success. Fans all over the world along with his students and family members are praying for his better health and are worried about his condition. May God help him to recover soon.