Happy Feet

Happy Feet was a 2006 movie that turned out to be a huge hit and entertained audience around the world. It was released in many countries and translated in many languages. The movie gave the audience a beautiful combination of a cartoonish movie style story and a very important lesson of conservation of the penguins. The latter is the reason that the S. C. Aquarium chose “Happy Feet” as their feature that they have started showing in 4 dimensions. The term four dimension here doesn’t refer to a scientific phenomenon that hasn’t been discovered yet. The fourth dimension here means that the movie is seen in 3D and along with that a sense of feeling is incorporated in the experience.

As in normal 3D movies the audience has to wear 3D glasses but to make the experience real in the true sense the seats are actuated by motors so that when something shocking or ballistic happens in the movie the audience could feel the motion associated with it. Apart from that, to give the audiences a feel of the underwater world, bubbles start appearing in the theatre. The viewers also get to feel the true atmosphere of the icy area in the movie as wind blows on their face and water is sprayed to give the effect of rain and snow.

The experience delivered in the aquarium is as close to reality as can be, and the purpose of an aquarium showing a penguin movie is not just entertainment, it is also a conservation effort to raise public awareness about the endangered species of animals around the world. The aquarium would be featuring different movies with the passage of time.