Get Him to the Greek Review

The movie is about a record company intern named Aaron Greenberg who is very ambitious and determined to get things done in his assignments. When he finds his dream job he is given an assignment to bring a huge rock icon to Los Angeles. The rock star’s name is Aldous and he is a lot like all other rock stars. He represents the true image of many real life rock stars in the sense that he is a great musician; he’s on a quest to find the meaning of life and along the way he likes to have as much sex that he could. In other words he is very uncontrollable. This makes Aaron’s job a lot tougher as he is approaching a deadline and he must cope with every obstacle that he has to face because of Aldous.

The movie is named such because the place that Aaron has to take Aldous is the Greek Theatre in LA. The concert that Aldous would perform in is the first one in his tour that costs 100 million dollars. All in all, the movie is a lot of fun because the unusual duo has to go through a lot of incidences that are caused by Aldous and poor Aaron has to suffer. These incidences include avoiding the drug smugglers of London, brawls in the New York City, and lap dances in Las Vegas. Aaron has to do everything in his power to complete his career-making mission even if it means lying to Aldous, partying with him or a host of other attempts to get him to the Greek.