Dennis Gabor Biography

Google rejoices the 110th anniversary of the birth of Dennis Gabor by changing its Google doodle. A few weeks ago Google celebrated the 30th anniversary of the all time favorite game Pac Man. Google changed its doodle to a playable version of the game. Now to celebrate the 110th anniversary of the inventor of holography, Google hosts a holographic doodle.

Dennis Gabor was born on the 5th of June 1900 in Budapest, Hungary. He died on the 9th of February 1979. Gabor was a physicist who became famous by inventing holography. He also won a Nobel Prize in 1971 for his great contribution to Physics.

Dennis Gabor was the eldest son of the family. His father was the Director of a mining company. Gabor also wrote a biography that featured his life. Gabor said that his passion for physics struck him when he was only fifteen years old. He became very much fascinated by the Abbe theory of image formation in microscopy, and the color photographic process that was invented by Gabriel Lippmann. With the help of his brother George, he built a small laboratory in his house where he reproduced the experiences of early modern physics such as X-rays and radioactivity.

In 1924 he graduated in electrical engineering from Berlin and became Doctor of Engineering in 1927. At that time, Berlin was considered to be the holy shrine of physics due to the presence of Einstein, Planck and Nernst. His PhD topic was the development of a fast oscilloscope and he developed the first electromagnetic lens that intended to study for electron beams. He kept his inclination towards his passion and as a result, he announced a marvel in the world of physics in 1948 .i.e. Holography.