Budovideos is a website that has a huge library of stuff related to martial arts. The website is probably the greatest source of information on martial arts that include magazines, movies, books, uniforms and learning videos of many martial arts styles. The website covers a huge amount of the forms of martial arts for which training videos and books are available. These forms include Aikido, Aikijujutsu, Ninjutsu, Jujutsu, Jeet Kune Do (Bruce Lee’s self developed fighting style), Kung Fu, Judo, Karate, Kenjutsu, Shinto, Tai Chi and many more. The website not only covers oriental forms of fighting, but international fighting styles as well, like wrestling, boxing, self defense, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Kickboxing.

There are updated magazines about many martial arts forms that contain the present advancements in martial arts. The site also contains periodic updates to martial arts competitions around the world. These include the MMA events and the currently hyped Brazilian Jujutsu competitions. All these updates could be found easily on the website, but it may require membership.

The movies that Budovideos contain are mostly in DVD format and can be bought online on the site. There are also uniforms of many kinds of martial arts available for sale on the site.

For those who have reached this point of the article and are wondering that maybe the website is good, but what the heck does “Budo” mean, well it is a word that many people might not have heard and could be misinterpreted as a martial arts form. The actual meaning of the word Budo is “Martial Path” or Martial Art.