American Public University

Wal-Mart is proving to be an all-rounder hero both for the customers and the employees as well. For the customers it decreased product prices and now for the employees, it’s going to decrease college fees.

The giant supermarket has announced that it is going to be partnering with the American Public University to give its employees academic credits.

Wal-Mart considered 81 colleges for screening from which to choose for the program. In the search the supermarket’s governing body looked for online universities as well as traditional colleges, but ¾ of the workers preferred online studies instead of taking classes in real. This was revealed by a survey.

Due to the partnership employees of Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club could earn college credit by either their experience on the job, participating in on-job trainings or getting online classes at a reduced tuition rate.

Wal-Mart has also been generous enough to spend $50 million to pay for the books and tuition apart from the discounted rate over the next 3 years. The resulting rate per undergraduate credit hour after all discounts are applied would be around $212 and for graduate credit hour it would be near $255.

The idea of providing the employees such valuable benefits came from the concept of growing talent within the company instead of hiring new, more educated employees. By doing this Wal-Mart is actually saving the hiring cost and retaining experienced staff for higher posts in the future.

According to one of the officials at Wal-Mart, if even 10% employees succeed getting degrees through this program, it would be like three times the number of graduates of Ohio State.