The Prom Dress that got this Girl Suspended

At times when you feel out of this world or would like to feel that way something really really bad happens that takes away all the joy and calmness from that particular feel. This is what exactly that has happened with the Prom dress that got this girl suspended. Who girl, you may be asking and that too quite aloud. Well, the girl that got suspended was the Erica DeRaumus of Oxford Ala. High School and with the Prom dress that got this girl suspended word we were referring to her and none other.

Well, you Can say that it was her hard luck or bad luck or whatsoever that for a prom night she purchased a prom dress directly from the internet. The dress was actually a green cocktail kind of a frock with somewhat of a tutu style skirt and this is the Prom dress that got this girl suspended. Somehow or another the dress revealed the best parts of her body in ways not possible for the others in the prom night to ignore.

The school administration was as well present there, and after a short discussion with the Erica over the way that she has dressed up for the prom, she was asked to leave the premises of the High school as she was actually suspended for a minimum of three straight days from the school and the reason that has been stated for such a cruel move is that Erica was not at all following the dress code that school has allowed within its premises.