‘Never Say Never’ – Justin Bieber sings and Jaden Smith dances

The visuals of Justin Bieber’s new song, ‘Never Say never’ have come out for the pleasures of his fans and music aficionados spread in every corner of the world. The popular Hollywood star Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith has also stepped into the swanky world of showbiz. Jaden Smith provided full assistance to Justin Bieber in this song.

In this visual, the 16 years dashing, ladies’ guy, Justin Bieber is seen trilling the lines with his usual ease and style in the recording booth whereas Jaden Smith, 11, is seen flaunting his moves besides him. In pauses, Jaden’s vocals are also heard in the background. ‘Never Say Never’ by Justin Bieber has been included in the movie The Karate Kid’s soundtrack; the video of the song shows the clips of the movie to entertain the viewers.

This visual also lets the viewers see the video chunks of Justin and Jaden sitting behind the mixing table. Their dancing and joking have also been inserted in the video of this song. And these insertions really lift the spirits of the music lovers and the viewers alike.

Justin Bieber has scribbled down the lyrics of the song, ‘Never Say Never’ with the active support by Jaden Smith and Adam Messinger, Nasri Atweh, Thaddis Harrell and Omarr Rambert. The theme track of the flick has the performance by Justin and features Jaden with rapping by Omarr.

‘The Karate Kid’ is loosely the remake of the 1984’s blockbuster of the same name. In the outing, Justin plays Dre Parker who has to leave his friends in Detroit since her mother has got a job in China where he learn Kung Fu to defend himself. The flick is slated for 11th June’s release in the U.S