Mike Conway

Yesterday was the day that the biggest ever car racing event i.e. Indianapolis 500 took place. The Britons were the ones who almost clean swept all the top position but not before one of their very best driver’s faced a mammoth crash prior to reaching the finish line within the last lap. The driver was Mike Conway.

The Mike Conway lost control of his vehicle when he was turning from a corner within the last lap and his car summer saulted several times prior to hitting the fence, though everyone in the crowd was saved but Mike Conway and his car were almost crushed. He was immediately taken out from his car and was rushed to the hospital through helicopter.

The current condition of Mike Conway is said to be really critical and it is being said that he has fractured his legs from many an areas as well as Mike Conway needs many an operations to at least keep him alive. It was a really gruesome accident that happened.

The fellowmen of Mike Conway told the reporters that the joy of winning the Indianapolis has been reduced to almost zero afterwards of the accident that their colleague had and all of them are currently praying for him to get well.

We as well are praying for the Conway’s health and we hope that such a wonderful driver should come back on track and we can see him drive to limits as well as make his way to a brighter career in the future.